1 ct Lots Natural Eleven Size Diamonds DEF VS1/2


2.70 mm to 3.10 mm DEF Color VS1/2 Clarity Natural Eleven Size Loose Diamonds Round 100% Natural Diamonds.

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Introducing our captivating collection of natural eleven-size diamonds at Jewelpa. These diamonds, with their generous carat weight, command attention and radiate timeless beauty. Meticulously sourced and expertly cut, our natural eleven-size diamonds offer unmatched brilliance and fire, making them the perfect choice for creating exquisite, statement jewelry pieces. Explore the elegance of natural eleven-size diamonds at Jewelpa.

Diamond type

Natural Diamonds

Diamond shape


Diamond color


Diamond clarity


Diamond cut

very good

Diamond mm size

2.70mm to 2.80 mm (12-13 pcs), 2.80 mm to 3.00 mm (10-12 pcs), 3.00 mm to 3.10 mm (9-10 pcs)

Total weight (ct)



not- enhanced

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